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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

OPTION 1 -- ST THOMAS Air travel to St. Thomas (STT) -- American Airlines and Jet Blue offers the best service and prices. Tickets can range from $250 - $1200 round trip from the United States. Tickets get more expensive inside 2 months. NOTE: There is no air routes except for private air charter from STT to EIS. These tickets start at $450 per person one way. These flights are private charters and can range from Piper Aztec to Beach King Air 200. (Click Here) St. Thomas to Roadtown, Tortola -- You can take the ferry or schedule a private water taxi. Ferry will cost $120.00 per person roundtrip (recommended). Water taxi will cost around $320 - 480.00 per person roundtrip. NOTE: If you can't get a ferry boat and you need to book a water taxi you are going to pay the same cost as getting a airplane ticket from San Juan. The water taxis usually serve complimentary beverages and can drop you off at the dock at TMM (very convenient). FERRY BOATS: Native Son Ferry , Smith's Ferry, Roadtown Fast Ferry

WATER TAXIS: Sea Horse Land and Water Taxi, Ocean Dreams (284-345-1242 calls only), Dolphin Water Taxi and Shuttle, Foxy's Charters. Then there is Island Time (this one is the best). Contact Michelle (284) 346-0356 or email

OPTION 2 -- SAN JUAN Air Travel to San Juan. Most airlines fly into San Juan so if you have frequent flyer miles that you want to use this may be your best bet. San Juan (SJU) to Beef Island (EIS) -- There are three scheduled service providers that charge $200-400 per person one way. I recommend Silver Airways. AIR CARRIERS: Silver Airways, Cape Air, and InterCaribean NOTE: Once you arrive at EIS TMM will arrange a taxi to take you to the boat. Approximately $25 per person one way.

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NOTE: This blog was written by Matt Wiedert of the Yacht Warriors. Please check out his website for additional information on yacht charters in general. Being weather-smart is a year-round necessity f

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